Make Your Own Shirts

With Artwork from GourmetKickz

This site features custom shirts themed after popular Jordans so you can match your kicks properly and stand out from the crowd. All shirts are designed by Chef of GourmetKickz.

Aside from items that mobile users and desktop users can add to their cart, this site also features a series of T-Shirt Creators! You can start from a base design and remix it as you wish or you can start with a blank tee and create your own masterpiece. All of the artwork available in the shirt creators belongs to Chef of GourmetKickz. They range from background patterns to logos and consist of some very cool GourmetKickz brand elements, symbols and all over prints. Along with design elements you will also find useful things inside the creator like color-blocking sections for sleeve stripes, horizontal stripes, and other patterns that you can make on the fly. Every-time you make a shirt you can save or share it. You can also buy it right away.


Once you create a design you may click on the SHARE button below the description. You can then share your creation across social media and email. Your unique share link is yours forever. One click of that link and you will be brought back to the shirt creator where your original design will be constructed before your eyes. You may even come back to the site to find that your design has been featured by Chef.

Guest Designers

If you have a passion and a knack for t-shirt design you may be asked to be a guest designer for GourmetKickz shirts. Once you become a Guest Designer you will be featured on the site and an array of your designs will be posted for sale. You will receive a comission for every shirt that sells! You may also buy shirts that you designed in bulk and receive a discount. The shirts can be resold on your own website or at sneaker events.

Drop Shipping

If you have website and wish to sell GourmetKickz shirts you may contact Chef for a drop-ship account. You will be provided with images of the shirts you wish to sell to make listing them on your website easy, or you can apply for your own private Shirt Creator with private. You will then be able to save dozens of images directly from the creator so you can populate a whole website with GourmetKickz Shirt. Orders placed to GourmetKickz will drop ship carrying YOUR return address and you will be billed privately so the client perceives that the order was shipped by your site / business. Your pricing will depend on monthly volume but will allow for a great profit margin.


Currently all artwork inside the Shirt Creators belong to Chef of GourmetKickz. All graphics and images in the Shirt Creators are protected by U.S. Copyright laws and therefore they are prohibited from use other than shared postings or partner product listings.


All shirts are printed on high quality polyester shirts. They are printed with near flawless precision and branded GourmetKickz.

Returns / Exchanges / Refunds

All items on this website are custom made and are Final Sale items. No refunds, no returns, no exchanges.

If an error was made by GourmetKickz then a replacement item will be shipped.

Creator / Artist

This site, all of its content and all the artwork on the shirts on this site were created or creative directed by Chef of GourmetKickz.